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Say Good Bye To Traditional Marketing

Do you want to set apart or stay ahead among other competitors in your business? You have to consider taking digital marketing training after all. If you still use traditional marketing techniques, you may be left behind. It is the digital era, so you have to use digital marketing plan. We cannot deny that more advanced technologies evolve all the time. What does it mean? It means that our promotional activities and online marketing must keep up with the current technology. No matter how small or big your business is, you have to ensure that you include digital marketing in your marketing strategy.

Digital marketing is very simple to measure. Comparing to traditional marketing, we can measure digital marketing much easier. By using digital marketing, we can get brief details of what is working and not working of our business online. We can get the details of how many people are reading, opening, or converting from our emails. We may consider hiring a professional one suchlike Ridho Putradi S’Gara to get the most out of digital marketing. Brand development can play an important role to our business. By using digital marketing, we can easily utilize social media channels to develop brand awareness. We can increase our brand awareness by simply using digital marketing.

Digital marketing allows us to get far greater exposure. From only one online marketing campaign, we can let people throughout the world see it. We can expect long term results from optimized keywords. Encouraging our prospects, followers, or clients will be a piece of cake as we can get obtain greater engagement with digital marketing. Comparing to traditional marketing campaigns, we do not have to spend too much money for digital marketing. So, in less time, we can reach potential customers or buyers throughout the world by utilizing digital marketing.

Business Innovation and the Solo Inventor Considered – Think Tank Topic

One of the underlining themes and subtopics at any think tank here in the United States is that of inventing and innovation. Americans are quite good at entrepreneurship and innovation, and they are quite resourceful when it comes to inventing, and coming up with new ideas and concepts. Not long ago, I was discussing this with an acquaintance, that is to say the subject of inventing and innovation and we both decided those were a priority in our own lives, as well as they should be in any think tank.

So I started a conversation with a couple paragraphs, one paragraph on each; inventing, and innovation. Here is what I had to say that let off the conversation and dialogue on this topic;


Challenges with faulty patent registrations, costs to patent, regulations against garage inventors, regulations against what you can drive, fly, make. CC&Rs, home-business rules, Intellectual Property Theft, International IP abuses, information control of research papers. The good side we have lots of creative and innovative people in our country along with the entrepreneurial risk taking genes and a society which allows it – for the most part, and 300 million people here. We have a challenge with conspiracy theory that the government will find a way to shut down your invention – and to be honest with ourselves there have been some cases of bureaucratic purposeful stifling on behalf of competitors.


Risk/Reward issues challenge innovation in the US. Why put out the money if regulations will never allow you to capitalize on it? Why put out the money if you can’t make a profit due to international IP theft. Funding to only university labs is not always a good use of funds for research, slow motion. Free enterprise works best, small business is brilliant at it. Costs are a consideration. Luckily we do have an innate need to innovate and improve in the US, which serves us well.

Now then, as you can see this launched a huge dialogue on the topic because if we truly want to remain the innovators of the world – and if we truly wish to use our resources of entrepreneurship then we need to make it easier for inventors to invent, and make it easier for innovators to make money with the concepts which they create. From there we can let the free market take it as far as it will and yes, there will be winners and losers.

Successfully Succeeding In Being Successful

Money is rarely a measure of success.

Few people ever succeed in having enough money.

Having too much money will not ensure my success.

Successfully making money has nothing to do with being successful.

Being successful is a state of being.

Being full of success is the feeling of fulfilling one’s life purpose.

I cannot be successful without a purpose in my life.

I cannot succeed as long as my purpose remains unfulfilled.

I cannot be successful and be discontent.

When I succeed in my life mission, I will be content.

When I am content with my mission in life and fulfilled with my purpose in life, I will succeed in being joyfully happy.

I cannot be successful and be unhappy.

When I succeed in being happy, I am being successful.

When I make my happiness dependent on being successful, I will fail.

When I need to attain success, I will fail.

When I need to achieve success, I will fail.

When I need to accomplish success, I will fail.

When I know that my success is assured, I cannot fail.

When my success is a duality of failure, I am not succeeding.

I am trying to accomplish, achieve or attain whatever it is that I believe will ensure my success.

There is nothing that I need to do to succeed.

There is nothing that I need to have to succeed.

There is no-one I need to be to succeed.

When I believe that there is, I am focusing on my present lack of success; which is my failure.

My life will forever continue to present opportunities for my Self to attain more emotional power, achieve more mental authority and accomplish more ably whatever I am physically doing.

My success is ensured.

My only failure is to fail to see how successful I already am.

I Achieve an objective.

An achievement is the completion of an aim or an objective.

An objective is what I aim to have.

When I have obtained my objective, I have achieved my aim.

I Accomplish a task.

An accomplishment is the completion of a task or the ability to use a skill or skill-set.

A task is what I need to accomplish skillfully.

When I accomplish a task or accomplish the skill or ability to do a task, I become accomplished in that skill or task.

I Attain a state of being.

An attainment is a state of being that I can consciously choose at will.

It is who I choose to be and the state of being that I attribute to my Self.

It is often confused with attaining a level of authority in my role, which is an objective; or attaining a level of skill in that role, which is an accomplishment.

I succeed in successfully gaining success when I attain the emotional power, achieve the mental authority and accomplish the physical ability to live my life happily & well.

Business Technology – Measuring Value Of

Each year, new office technologies are introduced. Different versions and the constant availability of upgrade options influence and complicate purchase decisions. Budgetary constraints require that companies carefully consider their business needs and potential value derived from making any type of business technology purchase. Companies can follow these tips to make the best technology purchases for the businesses.

The quality of the purchase and the price are linked. Although there are a lot of free and cheaper solutions available, the right purchases will bring value to an organization. If increased productivity is the aim, then the company should consider investing more when making a purchase. A company should expect the purchase price to be a good indicator of the level of productivity or performance to be expected as a result of buying a solution.

Whether or not a technology or system to be implemented across the organization is available as a lease option may be another key consideration. For some businesses, leasing is a viable option as it spreads the costs out over a period of time and locks in certain service options. Leasing gives a company a chance to remain current on some technologies in some cases. It may also be an option for a company in need of an immediate upgrade. A company may need a longer timeline to circumvent upfront cost requirements.

Some companies are able to recoup costs on their office technology by reselling it. If a company is considering a specific technology, it may want to consider resale value as well. In addition to gauging productivity and efficiency, resell value may be a good way to assess value. Conducting research on the brands will reveal resell value and other depreciation information.

Warranty is another consideration. Warranties should be considered a part of the value for any purchase. Warranty information on service and replacement terms matter in the long run with any office technology purchase. Looking beyond price and features into whether or not a warranty is available is another smart way of assessing the value of a purchase.

In addition to features and performance capabilities, a company should look at other areas when planning for investments in technology. When a company invests in business technology, it should look for a solution that will deliver in productivity and contribute to meeting the company’s overall business objectives. Lease and resell value can be used to control costs with technology purchases. Warranties are often a good way to measure the value of a purchase.