What to Do when You Can’t Repay Your Personal Loan in Singapore

Life is full of the unexpected. It is therefore not a surprise when you take a personal loanand find that you are about to default on the monthly payment. The question in your mind at that moment will be ‘What can I do now?’ The following steps will help you prevent a difficult situation.

Step 1: Contact the moneylender

When you realize that you are not going to be able to repay your loan, contact your lender. This is probably the last thing that many people will think of doing. They would rather turn off their phone and ignore the reminders. It is however, the first and most important step. You should notify the Singapore moneylender that you won’t be able to make that month’s payment.

This is important to prevent further charges on your loan. Moneylenders can charge you fees for bounced cheques, failed GIRO account transfers or failure to make your monthly repayment on your loan. Ensuring that they are aware of your situation buys you some time.

Step 2: Negotiate for new terms

Have a chat with your personal loan officer on your options. Make your situation clear to him. Remember that he is human too and faces similar financial problems. You should also remember that the moneylender would want you to repay the loan. This lending institution is in the business to make a profit and will need you to repay the loan in order to do that. The lender will therefore be willing to renegotiate your loan contract to ensure that you are able to repay your loan.

Step 3: Cut down on any unnecessary expenses

Cut down on any expenses that you can do without so that you can get back on the right track. You should work towards ensuring that you can meet the terms of the new contract. After all, it costs money to have the Singapore moneylender change the loan contract. You should therefore strive to adhere to the new terms and conditions.

Step 4: Consider debt consolidation

If you have multiple debts, consider consolidation. This will mean combining all your debts into one large debt and paying back only a single loan. Talk to your moneylenderabout the possibility of taking a Singapore personal loanto pay off the smaller debts and allow you to pay back a single larger loan at a lower interest rate.


About Credit 21 Pte Ltd

Credit 21 Pte Ltd is a professional and fully licensed moneylending company based in Singapore. We have been approved by the Registry of Moneylenders (IPTO) to provide loan and moneylending services in the country. We provide loans to Singapore residents, PRs and foreigners who hold valid Singapore employment passes.

Say Good Bye To Traditional Marketing

Do you want to set apart or stay ahead among other competitors in your business? You have to consider taking digital marketing training after all. If you still use traditional marketing techniques, you may be left behind. It is the digital era, so you have to use digital marketing plan. We cannot deny that more advanced technologies evolve all the time. What does it mean? It means that our promotional activities and online marketing must keep up with the current technology. No matter how small or big your business is, you have to ensure that you include digital marketing in your marketing strategy.

Digital marketing is very simple to measure. Comparing to traditional marketing, we can measure digital marketing much easier. By using digital marketing, we can get brief details of what is working and not working of our business online. We can get the details of how many people are reading, opening, or converting from our emails. We may consider hiring a professional one suchlike Ridho Putradi S’Gara to get the most out of digital marketing. Brand development can play an important role to our business. By using digital marketing, we can easily utilize social media channels to develop brand awareness. We can increase our brand awareness by simply using digital marketing.

Digital marketing allows us to get far greater exposure. From only one online marketing campaign, we can let people throughout the world see it. We can expect long term results from optimized keywords. Encouraging our prospects, followers, or clients will be a piece of cake as we can get obtain greater engagement with digital marketing. Comparing to traditional marketing campaigns, we do not have to spend too much money for digital marketing. So, in less time, we can reach potential customers or buyers throughout the world by utilizing digital marketing.

Twin Sisters Innovate for Custom Insoles

_DSC9169Meet Leslie and Peyton Salmon, identical twins and the Vice Presidents at FootMindBody.com. Launched in May of 2014, their new website specializes in fabricating custom insoles that are specifically designed around the captured impressions of each of you feet. Leslie tells us, “If you are looking for comfort and stability, you have come to the right place.” The twins should know as they have been creating custom insoles in-house for over 15 years. Peyton explains, “Now with this new website we can reach customers anywhere in the USA.”

The twins, along with their father and CEO, Robert Salmon, have been fabricating custom insoles for diabetic patients since 1998. Mr. Salmon explains, “Over the years we have gained a great deal of knowledge about foot disorders and the mechanics of the feet and legs. Taking what we have learned and applying it to people from all walks of life, not just the diabetic patient, we can offer comfort, stability and pain relief to all.”

FootMindBody.com has seven certified Pedorthists on staff who work with our state-of-the-art 3D AutoCAD design system. A Pedorthist is the title of a professional who has specialized training to modify footwear and employ supportive devices to address conditions which affect the feet and lower limbs. VP Leslie Salmon states that, “This is what sets us apart from the others who claim to create custom insoles.” VP Peyton Salmon goes on to explain, “Our insoles are not cookie cutter prefabs, they are customized from impressions of each of your feet and designed by certified Pedorthists.”

With a sizable investment in new milling machines to help keep up with demand FootMindBody offers specialized insoles for runners, golfers, and those who suffer foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis. “We are gaining new customers who are just seeking a more comfortable, stabilizing insole to make their feet feel happier at the end of that long day,” says Mr. Salmon.

Twins, Leslie and Peyton insist on obtaining only the highest quality of materials for their insoles. Peyton goes on to tell us, “In each of our tri-layered insoles we use the highest grade of EVA materials that can be bought in the world today and each layer has a highly specific task to perform.” FootMindBody.com believes they have the winning combination in acquiring the highest quality materials and employing certified Pedorthists using state of the art equipment. Mr. Salmon states, “The more satisfied customers you get, the more growth you will see.” He also believes that staying focused on fabricating the highest quality product will bring continued success.

Peyton and Leslie have recently combined forces once again are now applying their knowledge for a wider audience and receiving critical acclaim in the process. The twins started fabricating custom sandals that are also made from the buyer’s foot impressions and according to the statistics in sales, they are one hot item and the twins can not keep up with the demand. Their CEO and father describes his daughters as “innovative” and always looking for ways to improve the quality of what they have to offer. “He tells us, when you have integrity in what you do and innovation in how you do it you will continue to grow.”

By John R Allison


Manager at FootMindBody.com

Serious spending problems require serious solutions

It is obvious that we are a country with too many people who lack restraint in their spending habits, have bad money-management skills or have perhaps fallen on hard times.

One only has to see the airwaves and newspapers flooded with advertisements offering nothing down, 0% interest, don’t pay for one year etc. Some people are buying things simply because they get a free gadget of which they already have several of. The best debt free advice for people, who are impulsive buyers, is to put away the credit cards when you go shopping. Hand them over to a trusted family member, leave them in a safety deposit box, hide them or simply tear them up!

There are many companies that will offer a free assessment of your situation and give you a free quote as well, to help consolidate your debts into one manageable monthly payment.

Indeed, it is a good idea to get several free quotes so that you can determine which company has the best terms and suits your needs!

Debt consolidation loans are available very easily these days because there is tremendous competition in the lending industry. This is good news for borrowers not only looking for debt free, but real debt relief!

Stop the suffering of stress, frustration and depression when you are unable to make your loan payments in time, getting debt free advice input can turn things around.

Debt consolidation can either be secured or unsecured debt consolidation. Upon getting some free consolidation quotes from Jeremy Marcus debt, you can decide which is the most suitable loan consolidation plan for you to handle.

Stop the escalating stress and worry. Don’t put off the opportunity to resolve your debt problems. Start doing something about it today and you’ll feel that relief is just around the corner!